Stripes and Solids

The playground was always green
even during winter, when everything
has turned pale brown and yellow
theirs was always green

She was a fire sign, well rounded
always colored, she rolled with her heart first
and her head second

Being an Aries, she rolled with spontaneity
on that green playground of hers
Being bumped by the coordinated stick of life
she would go with the flow until she halted
taking another road
either led by that stubborn head of hers
or something she was quite fond of, emotions

Aidan was her name, she had 7 personalities
When she woke up with one, it usually tended to change
as the day went by, as the angular coordinates of the stick
varied, lest not forget the intensity of the hit
sometimes, she would roll so hard
and fall in one of the holes that sat there
fixated on the corners and the sides

Being a solid colored sphere
she sometimes woke up red, angry with
with the state she’s in
after all, her name means fire
then as the sun got into the middle of noon
her red would change to orange and sometimes purple
but she always kept on rolling
Aidan had a knack to change, she found
that with certain songs, her colors can change
and so will the intensity of the stick of life

Until one day, while she was rolling gently
passing each color of her personality
looking back at how many she has to balance
which one to use with what person, where
why and how

She bumped back first
into a striped one, also with 7 personalities
each of different color complimenting hers
He looked back at her personalities
grateful that his stick of life got them closer
is this a predetermined plan

is this playground, made only for their kind
away from zigzags and wavy lines?

and smiled

“Who would have 
stripes and solid
make the perfect

“Honestly I
never did”

He rushed to her
embraced her
knowing that he has found
the instability to tip his boring balance
the flame to his dank existence
the vibration to his straight lines

“It’s ok
I too have 7 colors
of 7 personalties
that, until now,
didn’t know how to shine”  

Paul Thurlby's stripes and solids


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