It’s fine
if you reached a point
where you enjoy apathy
who says you have to feel sympathy
at all times to be considered
a tad but closer to normalcy?

it’s fine
to do what you want
regardless of tipping the scales of society
who says being 30 and wild
is a sign of instability?

it’s fine to love the unloved
it’s probably a blessing not many
know how to enjoy or even share

it’s fine to dance at 4:00 am
on a beach next to a bright lit restaurant
with your bright pink underwear

It’s fine to speak your mind
no matter how unstable or irrational it is
who says imagination stems from the real?

it’s fine to smile on a random day
in a random moment
let them wonder, what goes on in the corners of your mind
let your smile be a gateway to conversation
if they want to explore

it’s fine to hug the unhuggable
they probably have never had a real one
hell, jump hug them, those are the ones
with the greatest intensity to warm
the chilliest of heart

it’s fine not to miss anyone
and it’s fine if you do,
but you know what sucks though
the fact that you wait for them to tell you
they do

It’s fine to curse
sometimes you are at a loss for words
or there are too many to vocalize
a simple “fuck this” will suffice
no matter the context, be it love or hate
or just pure anger

It’s fine if you wear your jeans
2 days in a row, I understand
you love them that much
and they make you look good
or that’s at least what you tell yourself
and you know

It’s fine to drink
on Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, and Thursday
if you moderate it properly
it’s just drinking responsibly everyday!

It’s fine to have typos
just keep going with your train of thought
i’ve never seen a train that goes backwards
have you?

It’s fine to just sit there
alone with folk music in the back
and you dancing in your boxers
who cares, someone might even enjoy the tunes
and even you!

It’s ok to drink straight vodka
who says drinks prefer one tongue to the other
they are just as desperate to taste one
as a distant lover

leave notes everywhere
it might serve as a calling for someone
seeking something, or even someone
doodle on napkins, coasters
even on walls,
you’re a poet
of your very own
version of

Sit back my darling
pour a cup of your own poison
and cheer yourself
for you are
a beautiful

hope gangloff

hope gangloff


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