Apples and Zest

I took her to the apple orchard
She wanted to escape the condensed city
of smogs and drinks

Her liver wrote her a plea
asking her to please spare him
a night or two
from that poison
she drinks so acute

I drove her there
she played folk to ease
her mind from the electronic beats
that keep her going
from Monday to Friday

…….I lost my mind on the road
smelling her hair
hypnotized by her singing
even the wrong words
that don’t sync with the song
she makes them perfect

He took me to the apple orchard
we both needed the escape
our bodies are on the verse of disowning us

we drove there
the road was smooth the sun was out
He looked straight on the pothole infected roads
He was serene
I played folk, enough with deep drops
even though my body yearns for them from Monday to Friday

We got there
took our baskets and aimlessly
walked on earth, real earth
between trees and red apples


She walked with her locks untangled
she felt free from all restraints
She picked the red ones, ripe
filled her basket with a smile of delight

she called my name
and found a tree a big one indeed
and patted the floor signaling me to
sit beside her

“fresh and new, look at them
seductive and shiny”
She held the perfect apple
it’s probably the Eve in her that picked it

“You never know how beautiful things
can surprise you, you actually pick them
without thought, seduced by the idea of “pretty”
then you take a bite, a big one
you’re excited you found the best
just like lovers”

She cupped the apple
and bit it, the juice ran down the corner of her lip
she licked it, and looked at me

“see this one is grainy” she muffled with a full mouth
she spat it out and set it on the side
“look how it browns
your impression leaves a mark
as they rot alone”

I marveled at her thought
at her analogy
I took an apple from my basket
“What about this one
it’s small and shaded with green stripes?
It must have been the youngest or the different one!”

She held it, rotated it, squeezed it
“it’s as hard as a rock
look at mine, they are identical in redness and shine
show me yours”

I grabbed my basket and set it in between us
under the big tree
“Oh wow, you have a taste for the “different””
she gasped as her eyes dilated

She took a bite from mine
the cracking noise it made
resulted in a series of mmmm’s

“I think mature attraction
longs for the different, the small, the striped
the hard core and the sweet
But instead of blindly being attracted to the shiny
and pretty, take time, pace yourself
take a bite and take another….”

She dozed off and suddenly as if
electricity rippled in her body
“You know what prohibits apples
from turning brown
lemon zest” she giggles

“You gotta be the zest
that keeps the apple fresh”

she giggled and ravishly
crunched another bite
of that sweet apple

“want some?” she said
pointing the juicy apple at my face

I smirked
“you’re one hell of an apple”
and kissed her sweet lips

apple fab ciraolo


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