River and Ocean

She filtered her friends
golden stones in the net of pebbles
she’s been through the rough continuous flow
of rivers, pushing her forward
here and there

Sometimes the current was so strong
it smashed her against rugged stones
whose base is too deeply embedded within

She got that knife and cut
the excess of emotions she portrayed
to him and her
sometimes they sliced like butter
they were easy to let go of
sometimes she had to sharpen that knife
and cut off that overly enthused zest that was sporadically squirted
that placed her in hell circles

The river pushed her to the sea
at first the calm flow scared her
it was different, she was alone
no current no rocks

She decided to lighten the load and feel free
she removed all clothing of insecurities
and liberated that pickled personality

Some fish swam by without noticing
others had to stop and marvel
at her, she was different that’s for sure
some even stuck around

She untied her hair
removed all bandages that covered her injuries
and let the salt play in those wounds
so she can feel grateful at the fact that she made it

She saw a shiver of sharks
approaching, accompanying them
was a current of cold water
maybe because they are so cold blooded

All those fish that hung around fled
the sharks circled her like a prey
savoring the moment they will feast their jagged teeth
on her naked flesh

She stood still, hiding her palpitations
the blood seeping from her wounds
seduced the sharks, causing their movement
to accelerate

As her blood swam through their nostrils
their pupils dilated causing their whole eye ball
to turn pitch black
like a curse hypnotizing them
to feast on their killer instinct

she just swam in place
their tails touched her knees
all of a sudden
she let out a scream
a loud one that rippled tidal waves of sound oscillations

the sharks were still and a wave
of whales screamed back,
she felt movement in the water
she screamed again

suddenly she could spot a pod of whales
swimming towards her, the sharks
found themselves in a dilemma

with full force, one of them
swam away pushing her with its tail
she flipped and hit a whale
she was paralyzed with fear
there was no power on Earth that would move her then
then one of them swam under her and lifted her
above the surface
and kept swimming, being followed by
the others

She took a deep breath of salty ocean air
“Thank you” she whispered
then the whales echoed an orchestra of sounds
that translated into a tune
a lullaby her mother used to sing to her
when she was scared

no matter where you are my baby
call them out
they will hear you clearly
knowing that you are in need of them dearly
Those who come, keep them near
they are great and keep away the fear

She sang the lullaby
riding on the great whale
followed by the power of plenty
loved ones

girl on whale


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