Death, a dreadful thing
it’s the missing of an aspect
you can’t bring back

The intensity of death and grieving
is measured by who and what caused it
some expect death and welcome it with a peaceful mind
other get smacked by it, in the most unexpected places

Death knows no name nor identity
its universal definition is
the termination of the bodily functions that keep you alive
but it’s inevitable

This is not an introduction to death 101
but it is the prelude to why the world
is unifying under an umbrella of grief
to why you are all attending the funeral of the world

This is to cast the spotlight
on those innocent souls who have been lost
and their wrong presence at the wrong time

This is to show the framing of how death
is broadcast in some areas and not in others
this is to show that humans no matter where
do have the right to live, but apparently

Dear family and friends your loss
will not soothe with how many mentions
your grief will not wither with media
your hearts will not mend easily
lest not hate sprout in the womb of your heart
for your loss goes beyond the physical
your tears are diamonds falling
commemorating every precious moment
spent with a father, daughter, son, mother, lover
friend, family

I mourn with Paris, that beautiful city
is passing through a heartbreak
the epitome of the most romantic breakup
that depressing phase that hit it like a storm

But my melancholy walks in the streets of my city
even though most of us have been desensitized
due to the repetitive mishaps this city has seen
at the end of the day, it’s home

Dear Beirut, you have been forsaken by your lovers
oh dear city of mine, my heart mourns for you
for your underrated presence
for your mere identity of not being up to par
with second and first world countries
even the grim reaper wanted to take a break
from you, for it has kissed so many souls, darkened your location on the map
and mercilessly slaughtered and de-feathered
every last feather of that dove of peace
my heart and sympathies go to each
and every one

Ladies and gentlemen hold your places
embrace your hearts
for every one of you
is a fortress of comfort
for the other

kiss of death


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