Garden of Thought

I took my drink and left the reception
it was overly infused with love and congratulations
and I needed a breath of fresh air

Actually I just wanted to smoke a cigarette
away from the grandma wishing I’d find a prince
and the friends whose babies annoyed me

I carried my dress on the side
and balanced my drink on the other
while grasping my cigarette pack
between my pinky and ring finger
(why the hell do you call it a ring finger, there’s nothing there)

I then removed my green heels
and I let my feet sink in the dew dropped grass
it felt liberating

I walked through the mansion’s garden
Yea, she got lucky this one, her husband owns the place
I left all thoughts of jealousy and locked arms with apathy
he was a light companion

I walked till the music dulled down
finally, enough “i love you forevers” and “finally I am yours”

I wanted to find a spot
where I can nestle my drink and light one
I kept walking till I found myself facing the entrance to a maze

With nothing holding  me back
I gulped that drink and forced it down
with satisfaction
I left my shoes, my cigarette pack and my glow in the dark lighter

I walked in, the alcohol is slowly drowning my awareness
the music dulled down, fear was nowhere to be found
even though I looked for him

I took my first left
and I saw a trail of thorns slowly making their way to me
“what the hell is in that drink?”
They held on to my pseudo-wedding reception dress
and ripped it off
The thorns of regret, stripped me from my past
my mishaps, they clawed the regret of regret off of me

Scared I made my way through, bare foot
ashamed and naked, I ran past 2 right turns
for some reason they didn’t look right!

Suddenly a wave of rose petals
red, orange, white and pink
flew at eye sight level and covered my chest
the petals of hope, covered my shame
and colored me with ambition

As I stood there, a marching band of sunflowers
the sunflowers of reality
They went past me, rubbed shoulders with me
and when they did, the ground shook their stomping roots
vibrated new energy from the ground
to my head

I fell, I looked up, I wanted to leave this place
then I saw stems of ivy crawling behind me
I ran, I ran with immense energy
taking corners, left and right
then I found shoes
black ones, there
I ran past them, their thought lingered
but I kept running, then I saw a ripped shirt
along with a tuxedo blazer

Out of nowhere, I felt a force grab my arm
and pull me away from that crawly ivy
I couldn’t see a face, it was dark
my petals remained intact
then I hear him whisper

“It’s dangerous to toy
with your thoughts
especially ones
like yours”

girl roses in hair


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