Jade and Jude

It all started with a word
then it magically transformed itself
to pages of writing, with angry scratches
and messed up visible thoughts on her lined paper

Where did all of this come from?
he didn’t know
but all he found, wherever he went
were notebooks filled with random thoughts
doodles and sometimes just squares with lines
he called them “thought drains”
You know the shapes you draw when you’re on the phone
Yea those!

“Meet me for coffee” Jude told Jade
they were friends, their names I presume
were the first kick-starters to a snowball effect of memories

“Sure, but I’d prefer drinks Jude”
He smiled, he knew her too well, he predicted the change
he said coffee so as to mask the alcohol frenzy
they both have and enjoy

They were close friends
he wrote, she talked
but never beyond that

They met up, autumn was nice enough
to grace them with chilly breezes
so to enjoy their drinks on the terrace of the place
it even added color to the trees knowing Jude loves the transformation

They sat, usually silent moments
are never awkward with them, honestly
I even asked them once,
“how do you do that?” and their response was “do what?”
and that gave it away, if they didn’t know what it was
then it might be something pretty mind-blowing

Anyways, they sat smoking outside
waiting for their drinks
He told her about his piece
the one he struggled with, the one with the blinking cursor
and she blurted out something
that slapped him in the face
like a lover in bed
“You know sometimes I want to eat your brain”
He stared at her, in a way he never did before
“Jade, you’re weird” he smiled knowing it’s a compliment
She kept going, evading his compliment, but smiling back

Yea, your tumultuous brain, mines of thought
blowing up here and there with no caution
She took a sip from her drink, a drag from her cigarette
and gestured with her hands, Jude loved that about her
as if she’s magically summoning an energy God to embrace
the conversation, and yes,
all conversations between them were energetic

I want to undress you” she said
landing both hands on the table that was serving
as a separator between them

I want to remove layer upon layer
and feast my taste buds on your tongue of ideas
claw my way through your worlds of creation
make love to the inspiration
to the muse that feeds such a mind

He was bewildered by her
they were friends sure they were
but her words were burning like lava
melting everything in between

He wrote, she talked, I told you before
and little did she know
that she was already
in his world
creating ripples of inspirations
in every world
in every corner of his mind

Silence, it was suddenly quiet
he forgot himself marveling at that unstable woman
in front of him, with no sense of fashion
but she came together beautifully

She was sitting there looking back at him
waiting for at least
one word
to leave
his mouth

“So? Jude, hello?
Gahd, you’re something else
I knew you dazed off” she grunted
He cupped her face
“Gahd you’re my something else
and much more”

she sat back
took a sip and
resumed silence
the comfortable silence

girl looks back




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