Flowers in Whiskey

He never knew
what the reason was
but he always wore his scarf
on Wednesday

There was no thought involved
he just found himself
wrapped in his multicolored wool strand

December was mild
it even got sick of being cold
and dry
it made peace with the sun
and let it shine on from time to time

Scarf on, the car ride
was long, longer than usual
he never stayed alone with his thoughts
for that much time

He tried not to, his mind is a terribly beautiful place
to thrive
he only stepped into that world, when his surroundings
looped in repetition

He got to the place, where they usually gather
drinks and cigarettes were always invited
actually they were the VIP’s of that place

His scarf was still on
he poured himself a drink
Wednesdays have their charm

Conversations floated through the air
he was there with them, his mind knocked
“it’s not the right time”
One sentence flew here,
the other was drowned by a sip from his whiskey
the other was inhaled with a drag

His scarf felt tighter
his face blushed
he loosened it, not giving it much thought
“maybe I moved”

He ashed his cigarette
and killed it, signaling his queue to leave
the car ride back was hazy
like his mind, he’s used to it

Bed was on his mind, he parked
and took a deep breath knowing going up the stairs
is going to suck his last stored energy
but he had to, December at night
was colder than a widow

Stair by stair his legs ached
yearned for rest, hated him for abusing them
at that moment

Bed, bed was all his body could echo
all his body wanted, but not his mind
never his mind

He grabbed a beer on the way
to sober up, that fizzy drink
settled in his stomach like a baby in a mother’s arms

He forgot the scarf on
he laid in bed, with the beer resting on his stomach
in his dark room

With eyes complying to gravity
he put the beer on his nightstand
and they shut

Suddenly he awoke
feeling a slight tug on his neck
it was morning,
she was there,
he smiled, acknowledging again
how beautiful she is,
like a small memory, that vibrates your neurons
small pop-ups during the day

She was kneeling in front of him
that’s where it was
you had it all along
I lost it yesterday

did you wear it?

he couldn’t talk to her
he didn’t want to
he was just glad she’s there

Her dress purple and green
covered her legs,
her scent was of flowers in whiskey
she tugged on his scarf
and put it around her neck
he grabbed her, hugged her close
His hug none verbally communicated
“I wanted to keep you near”
she giggled
It looks good you know
but why did you keep it?

She fixed her body to fit his
she put his arm under her neck
and rested,

She seemed tired
she slept directly


He woke up, it’s that darn alarm
He was alone,
He put his hand around his neck
“it’s still here”
He smiled,
He loved the way she visits him in his dreams

He smiled and vocalized
You want to know why?” he smirked

Your scent
my darling


hope gandolf man


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