I once had looked for it
in the corners of a bar
when I was 17
I sought the seductive scent
of musk and whiskey

I found it in the form
of a man the age of 20
dark curls and a magical love for music
and an attraction for words

It didn’t last much,
just like ice in his whiskey
it cracked with sparks
as it heated and then it slowly melted away
along with us

I am 21, I sought for it in class
in a different country
I sought for it in groups
and I found him
blond soft hair and the heart that fits a universe
we did have our own universe
with bursting stars now and then
but then, a blackhole
erased everything
even our very own sun

I am 23, I sought for it
in cocktail gatherings
and rooftops
I found him there
and he drowned me
with the facade of what I sought
I thrived in an incubator and not the sun
I loved alone and never together
until you hung me with the rope of cheating
and left me there, with my legs dangling
oblivious of “what happened”
I broke down and shunned it
I never wanted it ever again

At 26, it bumped into me
within a circle of friends
forbidden it was for sure
but this time since it sought me
I thought it was real

I am 27 now, and I didn’t really like it
I was blinded by the butterflies
that cluttered everything
realizing I was still alone
and it sucked the bright out of me

28 and still going
with a pencil in my hand
and insane thoughts so grand
I never sought it again
it seemed to have embodied
the cheap pennies
you tip
those crackling coins
that remind you of change
and chance

28 and never seeking
yet for some odd reason
it has uncovered a passion
a certain one
I never sought too
it filled me with firecrackers
and an infatuated flame
it swooned me like the most toxic drink
on a Saturday night
it bewitched me
like a handsome gentlemen
it devoured me
like a lustful lover

it hit me like a truck
on the highway of day to day
to the path

%22Firecracker%22 by Casey Weldon

“Firecracker” by Casey Weldon




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