A Gypsy Story

It was loud
the folk band was stitching
music in the murmurs of the crowd

With scurrying children
and worried parents infiltrating
the festival, I slowly paced myself
and my anger
knowing my patience level
was reaching zero

I wanted to make my way to the stage
to hear those pure strums along with
mellow vocals

As I meticulously stepped over kids
and pebbles alike, a small purple tent
caught my eye

An old bohemian lady was sitting there
smoking here pipe with no intention
of calling anyone over
unlike those “shoot the duck” stands
and corn dog ones

Something diverted my attention from
the music to this grey haired woman
sit” she said with affirmation
hypnotized by an unknown power
I sat on her leather ottoman
my jacket, scarf and purse did not fit
it was that cold

give me your hand and untie your hair
you’re so uptight

I did not even say a word, I removed
my hair tie and it felt I stripped myself
from all restrictions, I am oblivious to what’s happening

Her veiny hand grabbed mine
and feasted her eyes on my palm
“you’re a messy one” she said,
I giggled
“tell me something I don’t know” I muffled to myself

“Those lines intersect
in every direction, your lifeline
curves all the way to the back of your thumb”

She traced it with her index finger
and then abruptly looked at me with with silver eyes
shake the mess from you hair
I need a clear reading, let your curls loose
then I’ll tell you what your fate will choose
and trust me you’ve got nothing to lose
maybe just a bit or a few
but my dear Blue, you have a heart
that fits the world or maybe two

She threw my hand back at me
and crossed hers against her chest
“go on shake your hair”

“Um… I don’t understand what you’re doing”
Curious and confused I did it, with eyes closed
I felt a bright aura embraced my being
Hurry, now give me both hands
let’s see how free you feel

She took them both, and placed a crystal
inside, then closed them
Her silver eyes turned aquamarine
I could see her silver hair turn to a color similar to mine
her veiny arms, looked 30 years younger

A gust of wind filled her tent
her copper earrings danced with the unexpected breeze
I felt feeble, my head was weightless
I got dizzy, my palm lines glowed with a beaming light

suddenly everything stopped
her blue eyes turned silver again
veiny hands were back, she’s back

what the hell did you do?” I screamed
I wanted to have a taste of what
it feels like to be broken and so beautiful 
a taste of what a curvy life line is
a vision of what your blue eyes see
and simply, I wanted to steal 
your energy and see the world 
in your Light

I violently felt mugged
when you walked past my tent
I felt, broken heart beats, but 
their beat was so beautiful
I wanted mine to dance with yours

I know all you gypsies are the same” I fled her tent
and walked aimlessly, crossing my arms
feeling a throbbing heat sensation in my palms
I looked at them I found that my lines
were tattooed with golden ink
and the crystal was embedded in
the center of my palm

she yelled as I frantically
tried to evade her
You’re lifeline is long
that’s why it’s hard to find where you belong
don’t worry, they’re gilded now
I took the liberty, so don’t frown 
this crystal will protect you from run downs
because my dear Blue,
long lifelines are made
for wild souls & eternal

gypsy palm readers





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