Hymns & He

His palace was made of granite
his father treated him like royalty
since birth
it was his 26th birthday present
on top of a mountain
in Girtania

A country sought by travelers
for its ineffable green meadows
and artistic streets
each tile had a memory
carved on it from the citizens
be about first loves, loss, or just mere poetry
favorite words, sometimes if you search
closely, you’ll find notes and symphonies
but there were few

Some of the villagers used to get papers
and place it on the tiles and color over them
a primitive way of photocopying
just to preserve the memory in their pockets
sometimes, they even copied other people’s quotes
because they were simply just beautiful

His name was Pulchri he was very handsome
maidens from all over the world just ached
to dine with him, just to trace their vision
on God’s creation of beauty, right there
in front of them

He had charcoal black hair
and his eyes were ocean blue,
his mother made sure he had a good mind
resting on his shoulders, she also fed his yearning
for music and taught him how to play the violin

He never knew what work meant
or even if the word existed
with a flick of his fingers
a row of servants aligned
awaiting his word

For him perfection was the norm
his love life was as spicy as an indian dish
and as colorful as Moroccan street
but he never did call it “love” life
it was just his natural way of enjoying
the beauty of women
he respected them, he made them
feel as if they were magic
each and every one of them

One day he woke up with a strange pull towards the wild
his body magically pulled him to the window of his silk walled chambers
he took a deep breath and it felt different
it smelled like something salty
he’s not familiar with that scent
bearing in mind, his perfume set came from
the secret streets of Persia, full of Oud and amber

But this scent was natural, it wasn’t like anything
he smelled, with his sense of scent as his guide
he ran down the stairs, mounted his stallion
and rode on

beyond the borders of his kingdom
he saw a line of blue, it stirred curiosity in him
he heard hymns, beautiful vocals from a distance
He charged his horse towards that great blue line
that seemed infinite

His black hair danced with the wind
he was feeling, it was a different sensation
he never felt, since he bathed in the apathy of
having everything and everyone

Like a mad man chasing his love
he rode towards it, the hymns got louder
suddenly the tiles of kingdom turned grainy
and yellow, it was soft, something he’s never seen before
his horse stopped at the border, the prince dismounted

By God and all his powers, what is this?” He closed his eyes
and stepped onto it, his feet melted, the yellow grainy floor
embraced his feet, it felt good
again he felt
He carried a handful of this weird ground, as he called it
and they fell through his fingers initiating a very calming effect
he stood there and feasted his eyes on this blue liquid with waves
going to and fro, forming a melody for those hymns

Hymns, like the ones he used to hear in church
but they had a sinful touch, they were very seductive
his body boiled, his heart, beat, one that echoed across the great blue
a woman’s voice, accompanied by many sang in a a choir
from the other side

Come join me, my prince 
i’ve called for you, for so long 
you’ve become consumed by apathy
let me show you something with great beauty
that all your riches won’t deem worthy”

His squinted his eyes just to see
where this angelic voice is coming from

lalalay Pulchri 
the world is full of glee
it just takes a bit of curiosity
to fall in love truly and I did 
with thee
I have led you through lands of trees
just for you to see 
my body wild and fiery

He melted, for the first time he lost himself
in her voice, his selfish aura diluted in this hymn
his heart beat, like never before, adrenaline filled his veins
he felt,  he fell and by God he lost himself in her voice

“who are you?” he screamed across the blue
“what are you?”
“What have you done to me
this is foreign to me, I am lost
I had the world at the tip of my fingers
now, I am lost with all the power infested in
I have found myself in thee”

He, like a mad man, confused
uttered words that he never thought would leave his lips

“I think
I’m in

A majestic wave, filled with all the untamed energy
of the great blue 
hit the sand and raised ten feet above him
showering him with droplets of salty water
feeling like kisses on his skin


waves of love



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