Starry Not

Vai climbed trees for fruit
even in her life she always reached upwards
greater heights gave her some sort of high
happiness, elation that smiles and hugs
can not replicate

She leaves the city
to visit the enchanted forest beyond the city walls
and pick fruits, from apples to peaches
and the purplest of prunes
she felt connected to nature

The act of climbing gave her a sense
of natural accomplishment, her favorite
thing was when she found an old tree
reaching for the sky, aching just to touch a fleeting cloud

Vai would set the satchel to rest on her side
and rub in hands in excitement
then climb, one step forward
with her hand on the upper branch
and off she goes
that moment her foot leaves the earth
is beautiful, she feels she’s defying gravity
she’s almost flying, with the help of that trusty tree
and will never let her down, if she doesn’t

One day, it wasn’t her favorite day
she got her bag and left to the enchanted forest
she even hummed “these are a few of her favorite things”
on her way there as nature complimented
with the shuffles of leaves

She found a tree, one that looked inviting
but very new, she’s never laid eyes on it before
just like child on christmas day, with hands on his first present
she couldn’t but explore its branches, at how asymmetrical they were
how each one varied in thickness, her limbs ached to discover the path
that she would take, and the only way was up

She stood under it and bent her neck backwards
just to see a glimpse of the top, the tree towered over her
making her feel small, like Zeus’ statue in Greece
living up to its majestic feeling, looking down on mortals

Vai climbed, not seeking any fruit she just wanted to climb
maybe she can touch the sky, the stars since it was night time
she climbed, humming and racing and wanting more

She reached the top, without noticing
the stars were at eye level, she never felt so alienated from earth
there was a touch of  surrealism to her reality
she defied gravity, in her terms
and stars left the dark blanket
and were magnetically attracted to her

Since her surroundings were far from normal
she blended in and reached out
to maybe catch a star
she had a reason why she wanted to
to her surprise she did
and they weren’t boiling with heat
they felt like snowflakes, maybe hail for that matter

But the fact the she could do that excited her
and she took a handful and put them in her satchel
living in that world of surrealism
she didn’t want to climb down
it was the worst part of her climbing adventures
her stars were glistening in her purse, her reason grew stronger

With logic far from reason at that moment
she jumped hoping she’d get to her destination
before the light comes out and dims her stars
as she did, mid air, the tree’s branches moved up
embracing her, cradling her downwards to secure a soft landing
“she was a smooth climber” the tree thought

When she felt the safety she smiled
“I like this” her smiled conveyed

As she landed, she frantically ran home
where he would be sitting waiting for her
tapping on the remote button without any purpose
she cuddled next to him
“you notice something tonight?” he asked
She, catching her breath
“not really, what’s up?” he replied

“There are no stars in the sky”
She glowed with happiness
and spilled the elements of her satchel
on her lap
“You always liked them
so I got them
for you”

Chiara Bautista stars

This was my inpiration for this piece Art by Chiara Bautista




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