The Green Notebook

She twirled her cup of wine
not her drink of choice
but her liver begged to differ
just for tonight

She liked making tornadoes
in that glass, she felt dominant
she liked that feeling, that ability
to control the intensity of the twist
how slow and how fast

It was a home night
where she enjoyed
melting into the couch
resting that twirling cup on her belly
that she so dearly wanted
to cut in sexy 6 packs

Even her phone took a break
from the vibrations that awaken her
from routine, every once in a while
it was meant to be, her, her wine
in the red walled room

Before she could take that gulping
last sip before the second pour
the crackling of the keys outside
her husband’s home, a sense of comfort
overcame her

Hey babe” she heard it
with the ruffling of a paper bag
“Hey lover” she didn’t even look back to see him
something was wrong, she wasn’t fine
even though her body craved for some comfort

I got you something
She put the wine cup gently on the coaster
on the round table in the center of the room
she was very careful, her cleaning episodes have become worse
and he noticed that, but said nothing

He handed her, a rectangular shape wrapped
in brown paper bag. She loved those bag, the smell they have
the blank, yet rustic feel it gives just made it special for her

You need this, I think it will help you
you know, in your case

Her blank stare diverted from him
to the gift, she opened it in what seemed to be slow motion
knowing her, she would have ripped it apart with excitement
but she didn’t which was very alarming

Her hazel eyes dilated for a millisecond
she hugged him, kissed him softly on the lips
set it down next to wine cup
and then reverted to her “melt in couch” position

Open it, you didn’t even bother
it’s not like any of the notebooks you have
go ahead open the damn thing

He lost his temper, he was very worried about her
but he could not help her, it was just not possible
she’s drowning in her own world, that his presence
is slowly disappearing and it scared him
It also irritated him that she used to love writing
but now, empty notebook compile on her nightstand
serving as ashtray holders to her “before bed cigarette”

She opened the leather covered notebook with green paper
“I’ll add it to my collection” she mumbled
She, with the last spark of curiosity in her, flipped the pages
and noticed that there was an illustration
barely visible on every other page

I found it in that dingy place we always pass by on Saturdays
he had it on display and it was for 1 cent

He told her with such excitement hoping it would be contagious
he took the notebook from her and opened it,
it had engravings on the left cover in cursive
he read it out loud, she remembered how much she loved his voice
especially when it’s excited

No pens required, just a vivid imagination
go on dear, create worlds, create art with no limitations
think of a word and it appears,
turning the blurry illustrations to pieces of art
magically ethereal


So you don’t even have to write
just think it and the art appears along with your writing

He sat there, with the book open in his hands
and he suddenly saw

a line make it’s way from one corner of the page
diagonally to the one on the lower corner
His eyes dilated with excitement
something that he longed to see coming from her

The line went round and round
scribbling, scratching, clawing
through the page, ripping some parts of it

An image was being born
he could see two bodies
entwined with a mere line
a pencil line

He looked at her
her glance was frozen on him
she had so much to say
so much to vocalize
but there was something holding her back
a dark cloak of sadness, routine

Then suddenly the pencil line
popped out of the paper
wrapped him, dropping the book

What?” he yelled in disbelief

I bet he didn’t tell you
the dangers of giving this specific
notebook to an untamed mind
of silent thoughts?”
she said
as she slowly un-buttoned her shirt

I miss you” she responded

He sat there, embraced by pencil lines
getting tighter and tighter
by the sudden surge of confidence
his quiet lover exhibited

well my darling, always fear
a silent mind
for it harnesses worlds
and secrets even notebooks
can’t tame

undress woman 1

Art by Adara Sanchez 



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