A Gift

My darling my love
I have longed to be myself with you
I have yearned for you
to start the spark
so I can burn freely

I craved itching every
single letter of my thoughts
on to your pale white skin
I set myself in situations
where I can flee at the end of the day
all the way back to you

I bumped into you
one morning
while having my coffee
It was that certain thud, that broke me
and mended me as well
a paradox if I may say, but
things tend to make sense
when you fall, even when they don’t

I felt you swim with my thoughts
encouraging them to show themselves
even in their most naked form
I tasted the sweet flavor of revenge
without moving from my seat

I have hardened my shell
but maintained the essence of me
because that’s how you like it
I have embraced you as part of me

I have united my thoughts
and unleashed them with you
like wild fire, burning through
common sense, logic, opinions
and even taboos

“To each his own” I grew to learn
and thank you for injecting me
with high doses of insanity
giving me the ability
to lose my mind greatly
among the galaxies of none sense
that makes sense

What have you done with me?
I have found myself, being undressed
layer by layer
exposing my natural state
fighting the redness as it made its way
to my cheeks
slowing feeling the comfort
of being in cold, goose bumpy flesh
right there in front of you
as you slowly
whispered my thoughts
through a waltz

I think I am at peace with the idea
that I have finally appreciated you
appreciated that judgments are thrown
here and there like rusted cupid arrows
full of poison, infecting all that’s left
but loving those “it’s you’s”
and “don’t change’s”
it’s a cruel balance, that is slowing
stitching itself in my skin
beautifying my existence
in the oddest way

My gift,
What took you so long
to claw your way from my insides
tracing my veins all the way
to my fingers
for the world to see?

Wait… I hear something
is that you, in my brain again?
Whispering, conducting the movement
of my fingers to type

There’s always a moment
for your deepest gifts
to surface
and you my dear
have nothing to fear
and that was my queue
so go ahead light your cigarette,
and befriend, curse, fuck,

love, hate, dance, drink, sing,
create and even delete
it’s all yours and yours alone

hope gangloff guy write


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