Find me  between the sheets
falling in love with your warmth
Find me giggling
climbing up the stairs of elation

Find me soft and tender
making my linens jealous
of my delicate skin

Find me curled up
against you,
finding safety in your embrace

Find me between the ceiling
and my mattress
Stretching my muscles
loosening them from all bashful constrictions

Find me there
looking back at you
pouring my heart out in volumes of
giggles, smiles and emotions
all in silence

Find me there locking you close
maintaining the cyclical feeling
of energy, flowing from me to you
and vice versa

Find me there smoking a cigarette
and humming songs of joy
stitching its words in every smoke
I exhale

Find me there
connecting your freckles
creating my own constellations
labeling them my own, making your body
my galaxy

Find me there, quiet
catching my breath
because my heart got tired of
racing with its thuds

Find me there
melting in my mattress
from the heat of my body
my flushed cheeks
and my boiling feeling

Find me there
with pressed lips
tasting what’s left of you there

Find me there
catching fleeting moments
and inscribing them on paper

Find me there, leaning towards the sun
narrating stories of physical
and mental ecstasy
while you lie there
across from me
resting your eyes
on my
initiating a wave
of goosebumps
without even

Thomas Saliot; nyc bedroom




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