Broken Mirrors are Good

“Be strong” my mother told me
and I tattooed it on my heart
reminding it to be

“Be feminine” my father said
and I tried to braid it
in my short hair

“Be confident” my sister said
and I tried to incorporate it
in my daily wear

“Be who you are” my friend said
and I tried to peel off the layers
to show my colors

“Be mysterious” another said
and I put in the back of my mind
only to summon it when needed

“Be independent” my girlfriend said
and I decorated my apartment with it
setting in on every coffee table there

“Be spontaneous” they said
and I put it in my purse
every night I went out

“Be in love” he said
and I tried to hypnotize my heart
telling its muscles to react

“Be wise” my parents said
and I burdened every neuron with this notion
uniting it with my body

“Be patient” my roommate said
and I tried to prozac my unconstrained

“Be a lover” said the other
and I tried to trash all my past break ups
and wear the glasses of love

“Be outspoken” my co-worker said
and I put my pencil down
and practiced my vocal chords

“Be adventurous” my French friend said
and I begged my bank account
to freeze for once

“Be yourself” I heard the voice in head
repeating, annunciating, tapping
and my mirror broke
not being able to handle the cocktail
of “be’s” from
here and there

I called for her, I did
I heard her voice, very low
underneath the rubble of
I sang for her
and she slowly
slithered through the layers
to my feet
up my legs,
passing the sleeping butterflies
in my stomach
all the way to my eyes
making them glow
with the person
that I am
destined to be

lauracallaghani  mirror me

laura callaghan illustration



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