Seduce me Lover

Inject me with morphine
and calm the storm within
I have dissolved myself
in the world of routine
missing my galactic adventures
and harem visits

Seduce me back into your world
the one that’s left to my imagination
where kings and peasants exchange stories
where the stars, the sun and moon
make love across the sky

Make love to my senses
awaken them from their hibernating mode
and shake some life into them
brightening my skin making
other jealous of my aura

Slap some diversity in my routine
spank the hell out of it
removing every single repetitive scene
and give me a taste of something new

Take me places where my mind surfs
the waves of curiosity, and soaks in the
perfume of untamed beauty,

Grab my hand and place me in a setting
where music carries my limbs and waltzes
with them in the most random places
breathe down my neck, poems of sins
making me smile
knowing, I and only I find these sins

Run with me, against the winds of insults
and go beyond the burdens of perfections
that stand like mountains in front of my vision
run with me across their silhouette
race the sun and kiss it good night

Sleep with me in the forest of untold stories
lie down under the towering trees
and listen to them whisper the secrets of
lovers who danced naked under them

Kiss me and spice up my lips
with your burning tongue
let me taste exotic flavors of a world
that you and I
can only create
to share with those
aching to escape

kiss doodles


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