Sultry Sitar

The king summoned his musician
he loved the sitar sounds
when sunset kissed the mountains
of his kingdom

His musician was a gift
from another king whose main reason
was to create a treaty between the two dynasties

It was either his daughter or the man who plays
what they call the “Sitar”
King Balzim, loved the seducing sounds
of the strings

This instrument was very foreign to him
maybe that was another factor of his infatuation
with this instrument

Play a tune, you’re good
at expressing the ineffable 
look at me, and play me a tune
that saves me the energy of speaking

He started, his fingers caressed
the long strings, emitting sounds
that hypnotized the king, that he
had to rest his eyes just to enjoy the music
and nothing else

King Blazim, loved the art
all forms of it, but his parents
were strict on learning the cruel world
of kingship versus “wasting” time on
the sins of the lower class, such as dancing
painting, music, and even sometimes, drinking

When he was coronated, he felt the strains
of his parent’s past, slowly detach from him
and so he stitched his palace with walls of masterpieces
he called musicians, dancers and artists to transform
his brick walls to castle of art, whose reputation
rippled everywhere

As the sitar player meddled with his instrument
the king, whispered to one of his servants
then walked in a dancer, he had living in his palace
She wore vibrant colors, gilded jewelry fell on her dark skin

Guide the notes to a land
where sinning is an act so grand 
it seduces angels with demons to dance

Zinneh blushed, her name means decoration in ancient language
she knew exactly what to do, especially because of her secret
She loved the sitar player, and the only time she could see him
was when she was summoned to dance to amuse the king

She never spoke to him; ever; until today
she has prepared for this moment for months
she smiled and moved, danced, swayed

Instead of dancing to the sitar notes,
the sitar player, put music in every move of her body
the notes were loud enough for the sitar
to understand, her none verbal queues

She swayed her hands in way as if she’s floating on air
the notes followed, the player’s eyes dilated
he nodded and commenced

She swayed her hips, she closed her eyes
to avoid eye contact, for she will lose herself
The sitar player was mesmerized by her
she bewitched his hands to play the song of seduction
according to her

The King Balzim, observed the love story
he was no fool, the music changed
the whole ambiance altered
his eyes widened as he watched the
story of forbidden love unfold in front of him

Sunset turned to night
the tension in the room boiled
she lost herself to dance
he lost himself to her

The King, snapped his fingers
summoning the end of it all.
The music brought tears to his eyes

Everyone was quiet,
they knew, what every tear that strolled down his cheek
echoed in the palace
every glistening drop
that fell was a reminder
that he too fell in love
with a dancer whom
he couldn’t pursue

She bewitched his wits,
seeding a love for art
that still remained
intact in a heart
that beats to the notes
of the sitar
a heart that still weaves
stories of their love
in the walls of his

He let the silence seep in
Time stopped, he didn’t care that his emotions
were exposed

Zeenah, went up to him
avoiding eye contact with the king
and whispered
“I do know that feeling
my mother’s heart still beats in my chest
every time you summon
for me”

The King looked at her
tears frozen in place,
He stood up
gestured the musician to resume his tune
and walked away
with is hand on his chest
feeling the waves of nostalgia
smash against
its walls

niles king heart


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