The Ticker

My heart passed by yours
the other day
they exchanged looks
and kept their way

My heart brushed by yours
as I was running
catching the bus
it actually turned
to confirm it was you

My heart elbowed yours
as I was dancing with
him, eyeing you

My heart burned next to yours
as you lit my cigarette
without me asking you

My heart pushed yours away
hiding behind
a wall it built for its own protection
fearing the past

My heart pierced holes
in that wall, just to peek at yours
it missed yours..

My heart glimpsed at yours
across the table of friends and drinks
wondering if yours would
look back

My heart melted
like the ice in the drink
laying there between us
signaling us to sip, before it dilutes

My heart knocked
on your rib cage
wondering if there’s anyone home
other than him

My heart sat across from yours
and listened to its world
to every thud
to every up
to every low

My heart got drunk
the other day and spilled
volumes of truths
removing layers of safety
its red passion to yours

My heart woke up
beating the insecurities
further and further
and closer to yours

My heart interrogated yours
about its past, curious
about its scars

All this was before…
that day my heart passed yours
skipped a beat
stumbled on a pebble
fell into

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.57.41 PM.png


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