Eyes Closed

She lay there asleep
resting her head on her pillow
at peace with dawn
breathing slightly

The sheets fell from her silky soft skin
and he watched her naked back
glow in the presence of light

“Show me your face” he whispered
as his fingers slowly traced her features
removing the fuzz
that rested on her pale skin

“Let my eyes soak up
all the beauty of the world
my world, that lay here
by my side”

She smiled, eyes closed
and nestled her head in the pillow
as if she’s diving deeper and deeper in sleep
as if she heard him in her dreams

Resting on his elbow, he looked
down upon his lover
trailing paths in her golden hair
untangling yesternight’s games

Rest left him restless
He had to travel, away from her
He wanted to photograph every detail of her
in his memory

His vocation turned him into a gypsy
migrating from one region to the other
with intermittent visits to her
he always recited “I can’t get enough of you”
after every time his lips left hers

It was so quiet, that her breaths
added melody to his morning
she was a rare masterpiece
crafted by God himself
a beauty to behold her beholder

Her marble pasty skin
looked angelic under the rays of the sun

She turned her back to him,
the sheets got tangled in her legs
and embraced her waist
leaving her upper body exposed

“a silhouette to melt
the coldest of hearts”
as he tranced his finger tips
they glided slowly along her
chest and marched down the valley of her belly
from her shoulder to her waist
leaving a trail of goosebumps
that spoke to him and him alone

Going back and forth caressing his lover
as softly as he can
he lands little soft kisses on her spine

She turned back to him
eyes still closed
covering their piercing blue color

“I’ll miss you ” she said lowly
as she turned her body to face his
“But if I open my eyes
it means it’s time
for you to go”

“So let me be,
let me elongate the night
and you

Marta Bevacqua woman in bed


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