Brick Walls

I built a wall
to protect the gem
in the center of it all

I built a wall
made of bricks and stones
and everything that
breaks my bones

I built a wall
of gems and diamonds
and everything
that’s eternally

I built a wall
made of spells
to ward off evil spirits
that sore above and all around

I built a wall
a fort per say
to withstand
all those raining spears

I built a wall
to protect me from you
and you, knowing
I am free from missing
and feeling

I built a wall around me
it secluded me, it felt great at first
but then, everything
became dull and dim

I built a wall
made of bricks of memories
that remind me of the reason behind this wall
on a daily basis
that turned to nightmares

I built a wall
that left me sleeping alone
in a kingdom of my own

I built a wall
with a secret door
for me to peek through
to see the outside world

Till one day,
as I was sleeping alone
toying with my nightmares
moving from side to side

I heard a knocking
on my castle wall
soft and tender
I didn’t fear it

I stood up
walked through the vessels
and nerves to reach that great wall
I lay my ear on the cold surface
there was still a knocking

“Go away” I said in hesitation
my voice swung between restlessness
and curiosity
I opened the door to my secret exit

I saw him
with his hands slowly hovering, almost touching
across the bricks, as if braille reading
all that’s meant to shun him away

He stood there
still knocking
the nerve on him

I observed his curiosity
it surrounded him, it was obvious
He read me, without knowing me

He read every broken brick
every spell, every repelling story
every gem and diamond

He lingered
“Go away” I yelled
His vision followed my voice
his ears followed the decibels

“There you are”
he walked closer
towards my, I froze
as if bewitched
I couldn’t close the door

“What a mess
you are”
My heart ignited an orchestra
of deep beats,
“so what?” I replied defensively without thought

“so nothing” he held my hand

“show me

My heart beats
rippled vibrations
from my core
cracking that fort
crumbling it into a pile
of dust
exposing my gardens of life
my flowers of happiness
my magic potions
my home
my core

“why did you come tapping?”
I asked

“I was looking for a core
to sustain life
for my fort”

anne laval couple bed

Anne Laval 



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