You fall for things
you fall for that rush,
that fix
You fall for a crush
that momentary shot of adrenaline

for things that fix you, hurt you
but fall, mindlessly,
You’re infatuated with falling
the wind against your face
the kind of fall that jolts your heart
electric shocks that transform it
into a new heart

You have fallen, you keep doing what you’re doing
you’re still falling, your heart is in overdrive
your skin has this mystic glow
your body is falling,

You abuse the fall
more speed, more adrenaline
so you fall even more, you fall harder
You want it, you want cooler air against your cheeks
the fall, that fall, my fall

beat, beat, beat, beat, beat
with no skips, it just beats,
no time for breathing
your falling, its getting harder
to feel the newness,
You want to fall more ..

You increase the voltage of those shocks
your logic is far from present
your body is feeble, yet your mind is racing

Fall, harder
deeper, light a cigarette,
light 10, but the more you fall
the more you want it
the junkie for falling

Bottomless, you crave it more than ever
You want to fall
more speed, more shocks,
higher and higher

Your body is shaking,
no food, just highs,
dilated eyes, no lies
you wear it on your sleeve
blinded and driven
the speed turned the wind to heat
passionate, flaming, it burns
with pleasure

Heightened feelings, deeper falls
what’s better..

Can you feel, the speed, can you feel the flame?
faster, faster, no time to breathe
more speed…
more beats,
higher highs
dilated eyes
deep sighs


“Blinded and guided by
its momentary pleasures
the human craves more,
knowing its painful”

shooting star


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