You with me?

My mind left me a long time ago
my logic too
they eloped and fled to sanctuary
don’t get me wrong
they do visit, from time to time
but they’d rather find peace somewhere else
than in a shaky round room with feeble walls
easily shaken by every sexy knock adventure pounds

I host a heart
with skid marks and cracks, that makes
the ugliest of heart seem like beauty queens

I have stories that if written
will fill papers to cover the entire earth,

My tongue has a mind of its own
an a dictionary too, it races with my mind
but always wins

My blackouts creep up on me
like a slithering snake
between the ups and downs of the day
that makes me spray venom, without thought

Forgive me
for I have fled away from the guidelines of life today
forgive me I have found a home on the margin between
sobriety and toxicity
forgive me I walk naked
in the comfort of my own home
forgive me
for I read dirty novels
party till dawn
have the wardrobe of a guy, almost
cut my hair short, drink like an irish man
forgive me
for the fact that I like men and women

forgive me for the fact
that I enjoy
every messy thing
about it

them by Kaethe Butcher




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