“inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale”
Her sighs left little moist droplets
on my lips
she was nervous

The distance between my wine stained lips
and hers was shortening, as if a great magnetic pull
was born

The slow motion of the movement itself
made time stop or burdened the arms of his watch
with weight, struggling
as it ticked second by second

Her hands, we resting on her thighs
she was sitting on her bent legs
facing me, oh so beautiful, oh so innocent
for the time

She tilted her head leftwards
my eyes opened as much as they could
to absorb all her beauty, to satiate my vision
with such beauty
if only she knew, my knees shook
my heart, loses sense of logic and
my hairs stand at the back of neck
reassuring me that
“yeah, you’re alive
and yeah.. this is real”

Head tilt, hands on thighs
breaths, faster, distance closer
lips moist, atmosphere tense

My breaths, were in fast forward
my body was confused, this is not the first time
or is it the first time, unleashing toxins into my brains
causing me to lose touch with reality
allowing to create my own fantasy with a touch
of substance, my very own substance

My hands, raised, my eyes open
her eyes too, finding comfort in mine
and mine losing themselves in hers
hands raised and cupped her flaming cheeks
full of life, red
I wanted to pause this moment
I wanted to engrave this in my memory
before I lose myself to her
Breaths, filled the air, her hands where shaking
she raised them and rested one
on the back of my neck
and the other on

She looked at me stripping me
from everything, from all the facades I wear
and sighed “kiss me”

Those words traveled from her mouth
hypnotizing all the pauses in between
everything that mounted to that moment
I grabbed her closer
landed my lips on hers
and melted into a world
of innocence
sultry and
oh so

Antonio Canova’s Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Love


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