An Ode to My Muse

Where are you my darling
have you left me for another
a fresh soul on the cusp of adventure

Where are you my dearest
have you found refuge in another
a gypsy who holds you tighter

Where are you my sweet
I feel empty, dehydrated
yearning to taste the sinful wine
you poured in me for the sake of writing

Where are you
can you hear me, my voice
has traveled across the sea
calling your name
longing to that sudden rush of inspiration

Where are you
my mind has knocked on the walls
of my skull shaking me with confusion

Where are you my lover
my soul missed your caress
your seductive unethical spurs
the ones your place in my mind
gently before I sleep
letting me smile and write

Where are you
I have prepared rituals
and repeated hymns trying
to summon you back from where you are

Where are you
I have been alone
with a cursed blinking cursor
taunting me, even in my dreams

Where are you
I have felt withdrawal symptoms
feeding off of what’s left of my sanity
shaking and itching wanting more of what you gave me

Where the fuck are you
I have asked around
they all told me to stop seeking
and you’ll come back

Where are you
I fear I have wronged you
abused you, exhausted you
and misused your presence

Where are you,
I truly miss how you carried me
to world beyond my own
to galaxies not discovered yet
I miss how you visited my thoughts
planting dirty daydreams
and leaving
I miss how we created friends together
we saw people in a different view
how every drink was followed by
you handing me a pencil and a paper

this one is about you
an ode to you

galactic hands


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