Dare Me

You held my hands
and pulled me from my comfort zone
the place, I thought was my rock
but has now become an empty room
dark and quiet with routine

You grabbed my waist
and shook the anti-confident belt
I had wrapped around, hoping it would get
tighter and tighter, and raise confidence
higher and higher

You cupped my face
and sang the ignorance
from my head, all those years of
self doubt and self destruction
that marched in one side
now marched (hopefully) out the other

You buckled the seatbelt
of social safety as we rode
through nights of recklessness
but yet, made sure my behavior
stuck to the person, I am

You fed me platefuls of truth
no matter how harsh and dry
I found them to swallow, but
you sat there, across from me
and poured dollops after dollops
of honesty that were too salty for my taste

You removed my layers of shyness
and marveled at every imperfection
I tried to hide, that years of therapy
tried to heal

You broke my weapon of destruction
during times when I was
shooting  bullets of insults
here and there, at my family
friends and you
you shattered it along with my
selfish bitchy attitude that I used to use
for defense

You gave me a bouquet of logic
filled with tulips of apologies, roses of rationale
daisies of adoration and carnations of care
to use, instead

You shattered my stubbornness
in front of me, into a billion pieces
to show me that even the most
ram-headed can subdue to compromise
and common sense

You ripped my chest open
and electrocuted my heart
forcing it to beat for the right reasons

You slapped the egotistical cobwebs
from its corners, telling me to
share every beat for those who deserve

You lit my cigarette of ideas
whenever I found myself
going in circles, looking at
a white piece of paper
and sculpting my pencil
with my teeth

You poured me a drink
of “it’ll all be fine”
in times of tantrums
and blurred thought

You made me cups of coffee
filled with galaxies of inspiration
that made my muses

You dared
me to be
what I am
blinded to see
but you definitely

cup of galaxy



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