Modern Day Mantra

Hail to nights of
dormant inhibitions
drunk off of a week
of exhausting income
generating work

Hail to behavior that burns
sparks in his eyes, across the table
past that blond with her martini
all the way to you
at the bar

Hail to truths, that pour out
of your mouth after every sip
of alcohol,
that sweet sweet holy
confessional drink
that hypnotizes your mind
into saying nothing but the juiciest
most sinful don’ts you’ve done

Hail to not being like “the rest”
you stand out like a live band
in a rowdy bar, loud, but yet so
beautiful and melodic

Hail to that hazy mind
that swings between sobriety
and toxicity
that knocks on the heart
and answers to the brain

Hail to you, my darling
for making me feel like a beauty queen
with my melting mascara and slurred speech
and uncoordinated dance moves

Hail to countless hugs and kisses
that grace the nights with mornings of
“what the hell” and “omg not him”
followed by phone calls of laughter
and barely any guilt

Hail to guiltless sips of colorful
cocktails going and coming
dedicated and received

Hail to “bottoms up’s”
and cringing faces of disgust
asking ourselves “why”
but “what the hell, let’s fly”

Hail to the streets that know our names
and the “hello beautiful’s” that echo
the same

Hail to holding hands with strangers
and falling in love with split seconds
of foolish encounters
genderless, beautiful, sexy
and very very messy

Hail to sunrises at the beach
with a cold crisp beer in one hand
and a cigarette in the next

Hail to overworked lungs
I am just glad you’re there
and thankful you didn’t
“fuck this shit” and
shut down

Hail to ageless thought
without you, insane stories
would be dead

Hail to restless feet
that stomp all night to the beat
over and over, with closed eyes and sweaty hair
they sure do carry you to his arms
to bathroom stalls
of even the back seat of cars

Hail to spilled drinks
without you parties
wouldn’t be colored
with blotches of red, green
white, orange and what not’s

Hail to burning energy
that springs from every heartbeat
across dance floors of elated
tribes of you’s and me’s

Hail to you
for making it through another
reckless weekend

Hail to spontaneity
I owe




leah tinari tequila








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