Little Miss Perfect

Can I not
follow the guidelines of perfection
and leave this cubicle?

Can I not
be here, and let the birds
of freedom roam free?

Can I not be nice
when I don’t have to
and be the bitch I am
true to?

Can I call you
at noon and have a 2 hour lunch
break because today
I simply don’t feel it?

Can I drink at 10 am
because I can’t stand
must’s and deadlines?

Can I hold your hand in public
even if you’re a girl
I can like girls, can’t I?

Can I just
walk up to you and ask for your name
even though you’ve been eyeing me
all night?

Can I just leave little miss
perfect in the past and be
the mess I tried to hide?

Can I just kiss you
the way I want to and end it
with a bite?

Can I just marvel at  you
from far away, like a piece of art
even though it freaks you out?

Can I just, speak my mind
no matter how unorganized it is
even if you just “don’t get it”?

Can I just bite my nails
because my pencils asked for

Can I just push you
to the back seat of the car
and rest on your lap
drawing  the constellations
on condensed glass?

Can I dance till sunrise
because sleep has abandoned me?

Can I just write all day and all night
with pencils, pens, fingers
tongues because that’s what keeps me sane?

Can I say how naughty I can be
bearing in mind, that I am a “good girl”
with “good morals?”

Can I just not reply
because I don’t feel it
nor do I have an explanation for?

Can I just say “No”
just because I want a debate to
stir my thoughts
not because it’s wrong?

Can I just break this bubble
that I took 10 years to build
for protection and just see
where I’d be?

Can I just pick up
and leave all this behind
and open a coffee shop
away from deadlines
and laptop screens?

Can I give you the finger
as I drive past you
with bug eyed glasses
and loud rowdy music?

Can I just dance in my underwear
careless and happy
on  Monday morning
playing HOOKEY?

OH I so can
watch me ..

Adams Carvalho finger



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