What was that?

She never knew what she wanted to do
I think I fell for her mess
Curls and colors
unmatched and untamed
she never settled for less

Pink shoes and galaxy ones
she was probably the only person
with such eye precision
to these things

Biting pencils and burning hearts
she was clueless to her impact
I think I fell for her cluelessness

OCD with clothes on Saturday
and reckless with piling Laundry on Wednesday
She never knew exactly what it was
but she did know it was her

Papers with business plans
plastered her walls
but when it came to actions
she feared it all

A fireball of energy
she would run marathons
after a sleepless night
Dance till dawn
with not even one yawn
I think I fell for her fire

She touches you with chipped nails
bitten and ridden with a nasty habit
but hands of a fairy
full of magical pixie dust
I think I fell for her then and there

She writes with a smirk
and pencils,
I wish I knew what thoughts
don’t make it to paper
those that stay there in her mind
naughty or not,
boring of full of thought
I’d like to dig up those treasures
that stay buried up there
As muddled as this entry
she rhymes and doesn’t
she laughs and cries
all from the heart
she never faked it, at least
that’s from my part

She smokes
She drinks, oh she drinks me
under the table, I think I fell for
her that time
she took off her shirt in my car
while we cruised at 3 am
on the highway

She’s beautiful
not in the cheesy way
her features don’t dot the i’s of magazine beauty
but they sure melt the eyes of plenty

She tried lipstick on, once
I sat there on the couch
and watched as her untrained
hand tried to do something for the first time
it smudged, it looked perfect
I think I fell for that too

She kissed me once
drunk, my insides threw a festival
of butterflies
then she told me,
we’re friends
I think I fell for her harsh honesty too

I can go on and on
she’s sick in the head
unstable, sings on the streets
dances on her way home
she gets high on discovering new bands
with weird names
I fell for her weirdness

She lusts for dirty novels
and silly comics
a girl with both sides of the spectrums
I fell for that quirky balance

She broke me once
and told me to shout
scream, no matter how wrong I was
to liberate those birds of adventure
caged in my ribs
and it was then
I had
fallen for






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