When I am You

Blah, I just want to eat your brain
and experience
what’s it like to think with
your thoughts
feel with your feelings
and see with your sight

Grrr, I want to kiss with your tongue
and feel hers, warm and vodka flavored
with a hint of cranberry
Yum, I can already taste it baby

Breathes, I want to exhale
smoke with your lungs
tinted and abused,
over used yet they never
refused working

Dammit, I want to grab her waist
with your arms
and slide them down to her hip bones
and sway her with those beats
that she loves so fucking much

Oh, I want to mess her hair
with your fingers and feel every strand
as it leaves the tips of them
magically numb

Gahd, I want to see through your eyes
and paint my very own masterpiece of her
see what you see, and see it well

“Hey”, I want to vocalize
all that’s in my mind
and lull her to my arms

Wow, I want to feel your skin
as it touches her,
and what it does
to you

henn kim in my head

Henn Kim







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