Yesterday I heard the piano play
notes in my head
black and white keys
in symphony
so sweet

I heard its pure sound
hit every string
as thin as my patience

I heard the do’s and re’s
dance with the mi’s
as smoothly as my mental state

I felt the reprimanding
low keys howl in awakening calls
to wake me from my drunken trance

I embraced the light hearted
high keys, as they showed me
the bright side of things
the innocence of it all

I heard a piano yesterday
play from afar, calling me
telling me, let go of everything
and listen….
just music to melt the silence away

My brain, lulled into its symphonies
I forgot that beauty is not only skin deep
I forgot that even with eyes closed
and no scenario,
you can feel beauty

I heard a piano the other day
play a harmony
just for me

I heard my heart beat fill
the gaps between one note
and the other

It spoke to my mind
the language of unspoken thoughts
ones I want to murder and others
who want to murder me

It generated strands
that lead me down paths
that I thought my feet
would never meet

It kissed me with courage
to stroll amongst the wolves
of jealousy and judgement

I heard a piano yesterday
Gahd, it was

Natalie Foss  piano

Art by Natalie Foss



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