I am a Cigarette

She’s angry boys
looks like we’re burning fast
“lighter noise”

There goes Larry
he was always toasty
and with that drink,
I think it’s a beautiful death

Here we go
into the purse
I wonder, where she’d forget us this time
or if we’ll soak up her drunken

It’s 5 am, have some mercy on your lungs!
Oh, I am the last one
struggling to stand up straight
in that crumpled pack
half awake, half dead,
swinging between sleeplessness
and drunkenness

I welcome my fate
I want to dilute in her breath
I want to kiss her with sunrise
I wish my nicotine would mend her thoughts
I wish my filter, would cleanse
that stress
I want her to exhale cremated
bits and pieces of me
with the crisp breeze of dawn

Alas, I am burning
along with her awareness
along with her energy
she kisses me
one last time
I burn
I burned
along with
her night
I burned

cigarette fingers


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