She Ran Once

She ran with him
he unleashed a certain lust
for the move forward

She went running with him
he taught her how to breathe
to count
to fall properly
and she fell
oh, she fell

She ran with him
on treadmills
on roads
on seasides
she ran against sticky summer breezes
she ran with the energy of the waves

She ran with him
sometimes he waited for her
to catch her breath
or that’s what he thought
he waited for her
while she looked at him
pondering at her love
at that time

She ran
one leg ahead of the other
longer strides
with more energy
day by day
it got stronger
she past him now

She ran
she ran against
everything that pulled her back
from mental burdens
to that parasite that always
competed with her
in her brain

She ran
past her past
she left him
she didn’t wait for him
she ran
with more energy
fueled by anger
fueled by guilt

She ran
to her future
a pavement of unknown
a recurring path towards
who knows what

She ran
her breathes exhaled
She ran pastt
all that weighed her down
all the “need to be with somebody”
all the pressure to succeed
it was her and her feet

She ran
and the more she did it
the more she thanked him
for the only thing he graced her with
for uncovering a love
for sweating, with every leap
with every cramp
with every “fuck” she screamed
when her body would give up on her

She ran
oh she ran, with dusk
she ran with darkness
she ran with boiling stress
she ran across the day
she ran past the tasks
past her fears

She ran
past the sore feet
and thick runner thighs
she ran past the
imperfect belly
and the perfect butt
past the chaffing thoughts
past the broken heart
past her reality

She ran past him
past her, past them
and past it
she ran past her
strong heartbeats
that almost broke her ribcage

She ran
with the blasting music
with the muffled noises
with the barking dog
with a runner’s high

She ran
with him
she ran past her
for that
past the finish line

with the pain
with the rain
she runs
at peace


From the Animatrix 



From the Animatrix




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