Carpet of Stars

(Tip before reading, play any ASOT or Tomorrowland playlist and enjoy)

My body asked my soul
to take over
surrendering to what
age has imposed on it

My ears heard it from afar
that beat, those repetitive
jolts of energy
of life

My hands answered
and lifted themselves
in the air, that fresh
sweat infused air
my hands reached out
to the beyond
to the stars
they felt all that toxic poison
in that body released

My legs
stomped all that compiled wrath out
on that ground

My hands
my legs
my body
let go
to the beat
that’s calling me from afar
from around the corner of Thursday
till the end of Friday
all the way till the dusk light of Saturday

Call me and I shall answer
I am here, I await my therapy
my stomping like a mad tribe member
of the modern world

Call me and I shall scream to the heavens
and shake the stars above
let them hear my “freedom call”
let them know that I
right now
belong to my original instincts
I am dancing with the contemporary cult of today
those going around in circles
no right or wrong
just here and there
up and down
exchanging powerful hugs
of energy from one intoxicated soul
to the next

The sun god is hypnotizing
us to dance to greet him
the beats, oh the beats
they get higher and higher
the energy is reaching
a climax to numb
all mankind

Guilt free kisses to boys and girls
dancing in sync to random beats
falling for the reckless
loving the magic

it’s the heaven’s calling for us
the heaven’s begging up to let go
and become one
under the

starry dance


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