Sometimes You Think It Too

Sometimes I just want
to shove my hand inside your mouth
pull out your tongue
so I can dance on your taste buds
and give you a taste of
what pure energy is

Sometimes I want to pull you near
and place you between my ribs
all the way inside my heart
so I can show you the mazes
heartbreaks can create
and how pretty it is regardless

Sometimes I want to gouge your eyes out
and place mine there
so you can see the world the way I do
planted mines of happiness
that explore at my say

Sometimes I want to chop your hands off
and place my palms there
so you can feel the warmth
I have for those whose hands shook mine

I want to drown your lungs with a high
so you know what it feels like when I grasp for air
in the midst of a misunderstanding
in the midst of tears

I want to cut off your ears
and give you mine, so you can hear
my other self, my thoughts
my dark ones
my sunny ones, my insane ones
or even those that.. never mind
so you can hear the falling arrows of catcalls
insults, embedded memories that sometimes
burst like an unexpected volcano
at the hearing of song

I want to break your spine
so you can feel the pain
I felt at every back stab
I knew of and those I didn’t

I want you to set here
there you go
now one foot in
then next, there you go
these are my shoes

go on, take a step
and then darling,
tell me I don’t have the right
to be me

*walks away barefoot*


Adams Carvalho walk away

Adam Carvalho 




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