You from Afar

Find me there
looking at you
with guitar strums in my head
sexy riffs
ineffable solos

I am under that tree
in the park
my eyes have the best fireworks
they started off as small bursts of fire
and escalated to
gigantic palm trees of color

Find me there
with a cigarette in my hand
painting our untold future
in the feeble art of smoke

My eyes emit wildfires
that put the wildest
into a tamed state

I am sitting cross legged
6 feet away
with a drink in hand
diluted with a strong dose
of imagination

Find me there
with a heartbeat
that shook my cobwebbed one
with life
that pulsed through my veins
like a river of fresh life

I am sipping on my water bottle
used as a facade to hide its contents
I am sipping gulps of courage
to strengthen my shaky legs

Find me there
catching my breath
it’s been so long
my body is inexperienced
with the world of “new crushes”

I am balancing my brain
with my heart
but somehow that red bastard
always wins in these emotional games

Find me there
dissecting your every move
fabricating stories about that shirt you’re wearing
what’s your favorite pack of smokes
if you like to dance
or even play an instrument

Knitting stories that fill
my already existing sweater
with life, color and design
complimenting my days
with the art that is you

I find my notebook
and watch as my pencil dances
on that dry paper
replicating those wrinkles of your shirt
on your broad back

Find me there
in the shadow now
gathering my limbs
and fixing them in place

I am sprinkling my
unforeseen future
with spices of you
wondering if you see me
in yours


“Hello” I said
and when you turned
my fireworks
burnt the skies
with endless colors
making sunset
curse at such
beautiful chemistry
making your hand
shake at the
heat of such

“Hey” you said

hey you man




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