Get High

(Play this loud )

Fall in love
hold my hand
and walk over the edge
staring into my eyes
and getting lost
beyond the blue waves
around my pupils

Fall in love
and delight
at the chill breeze
caressing your face
as you fall and fall

Fall in love
and enjoy the high
as you catch your fleeting breath
after every kiss

Fall in love
and drug your senses
with every soft bite
you leave on my lips
your signature

Fall in love
and even with eyes closed
watch the best firework displays
color your darkest skies

Fall in love
and slowly dilute
into a world
where nothing matters
dissolve your body with mine
and create a world
where you and I
dictate the rules

Embrace me
and transfer your pulsing energy
from your ribcage
where you hold a  concert
summoning all the gods of love
and all their cupids
to carry us on their wings
and slowly float

Fall in love
and create words
that create worlds
where time does not exist
night is as long as you want
and daylight too


Wait, don’t fall
don’t fall in love
why fall, when the high
takes you beyond heavens
beyond all the cloud 9’s

Why fall?
don’t fall in love
falling ends in a crash… at some point
Get high, fly,
rise and see what galaxy
harnesses that ineffable
feeling, that chemical reaction
that explosion in your brain
in your heart

Why fall
when you can fly across galaxies
get her the moon
Fuck, you can live on the moon
decorate her hair with stars

Tell me …

giphy hands




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