Sides of Her

I left for 7 days
and lived with her for 7 days
I witnessed her shells withering
as her true colors rain-bowed through
that thin layer of black
that she loves to wear

I saw a side of her
that skewed imbalance
to its right place
I saw a side of her
that carried 2 weights of her love
on both hands
as she walked on the thin line
of miscommunication between
her favorite people

I saw her line of patience
spread thin across
2 stubborn minds
too thin that even her nerves
started shaking
but she wore it well

I saw the “make the best out of it”
being force fed to us,
after every tantrum thrown
every mumble mumbled

I saw the the side of you
that weighed on your lungs
after every sigh you let out

I saw the diplomatic side of you
that laughs with me
and giggled with him

I saw a side that wow-ed me
a fermented mature woman
that called for treaty
when fights heated

I saw a side of you
that put others
before way ahead
of you
even when
it went against
every cell in your body

I saw a side of you
that I was glad to meet

sides of her

Dedicated to Jessica 


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