I would

I’d fall for your colors
for every Egon Schiele
figure stenciled with imperfections
or swirly brush strokes
of Van Gogh

I’d blend in the water
cup harboring colors upon colors
before embarking on another
color journey

I’d sleep to the
classics of Mozart
make love the Rachmaninov’s Rack 3
breathe with every note
kiss to every key

I’d have coffee
with F. Scott Fitzgerald
as he serenades my sunrise
with his words

I’d visit museums
with Michelangelo’s David
and listen to him compare
his perfection to minimal art

I’d smile to the sound of
Ravi shankar’s sitar
because he and only he
knows what my emotions
want to say when I
simply fail at saying

I’d lose myself
in the arms of Mozart’s symphonies
and let my vision
sway to the bottle of Jackson Polluck
as he drizzles paint

I’d spend countless hours
touching the soft marble skin
of all of Bernini’s statues
I’d feel the skin creases and bumps
and wonder why the hell
these statues don’t have heartbeats
I’d ask them, how does it feel
to be perfect
and immortal

I’d blush
at the sight of Klimt’s “Lover’s Kiss”
and I’d feel the intensity
of its passion

I’d go on dates with
art everyday all day
I’d kiss art
with such passion
that my whole being
becomes a

kiss art


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