Lover of Mine

What does it take
for me to woo you
with words?
does it take “seduction”
for you to fall for
every line ?
does it take addiction
for you to succumb
to the impact
of words
in line
spaced wisely
with breaths
that can’t wait
but to finish
at the dot
of a sentence?

Does it take
dirty words
to dilate your eyes
with attraction
with curiosity
to turn the page
to another
dirty little secret
that you and your mind
nod to in privacy?

Does it take
images to give my words
weight to settle in your mind
to feed your imagination or
lack there of?

Do I have to inject my words
with instant gratification
for your quick satiation?

What does it take to be a lover of words?
does that mean these lovers
are classical romantics
seeking a world that appeals to
their worlds, the ones they see
behind rosy glasses?

A lover of words
those that flow from one line
to the next, snorted with conviction
no matter how long or short they are
their minds are slaves to
the written art
the written

Meet a lover of words
and find yourself
floating between the lines
of their haiku’s and scribbles
find every inch of your character
dissected and spread across 3 pages
find every behavior
every hand gesture
analyzed and morphed in to art
that even you didn’t know about

Meet a lover of words
and find stories that you wished
had happened, appear in front of you
stitched into your nights
and blended into the starry nights
diluted in the bottom of your drink

Meet a lover of words
and enter a world where
the impossible makes so much sense
that you fail to differentiate
between what’s real and what’s not

Meet a lover of words
and fall for a new definition of sexy
a new caliber of love making
narrating, moaning and sighing
a dictionary full of synonyms
you can say,
even scream

Meet a lover of words
and drown in a sea
of reworded sunsets
and floods of stories

Meet a lover of words
and tell me
have words
lost their magic?

I am listening..

anton Marrast writer

Art by Anton Marrast 




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