Birds and the Cage

I had a cage once
it was fragile
it was always open
birds visited my cage
it was a pretty cage

Fragile bars
and so much space
birds rested on the soft cushions
that embraced them with care

They pecked at the abundance
of love this cage provided
they never left hungry
always full with blushed cheeks
satiated and always happy

Some stayed longer than others
some were content
some even called it home

Some just passed by
took a bite and continued
others toyed
they were messy players
they shook my cage with recklessness
they tore pieces of it sometimes
and left, just to take a piece of home
with them

I had a cage once
with a bright red light
in the center of it
it beat life
it beat energy
so all these birds recharged
and took off

No one listened to the cage as it beat
for every bird
it had a different tune
but none listened,
they came, they landed,
they ate, toyed and left

Once a bird passed by
and laid eyes on that cage
the light has dimmed
the fragile bars had flowers growing on it
it looked like an unkempt garden
It looked abandoned

It walked in
it heard soft beats
a flickering red light
and for once, it
sang back

The louder he sang
the more it beat
the brighter the light became

He sang loud and clear
the cage was beating again
beating with life

Other birds heard the song
they flocked with curiosity
to revisit that abandoned chamber
lurking to see, what happened

They saw that bird
singing in that chamber
of care
and the louder it sang
the stronger it beat
the more beautiful
it became

heart beat




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