I sought you in heartbreak
I sought you behind doors
I even sought you alone
in the dark where my
candle light shone

I sought you in my hell
I sought you in my heaven
I even sought you
when I mentally traveled

I sought you for therapy
I sought you for peace
I sought you when no drugs
could bring any ease

I sought you in times of anger
I sought you in times of love
I sought you when battles twisted
my tongue with wars
that were not worth of

I sought you in my sleep
I sought you in dreams
I sought you with pens and pencils
aching to fabricate futures
that exist in my mind
where they fixture

I sought you in him and her
I sought you in messy bedsheets
and crisp bright dawns
when my skin crawled
with goosebumps
reminiscing about

I sought you in cigarette breaks
under the rain
when it felt the most beautiful
being alone

I sought you drunk
oh, I did
I created love stories
fantasies, tragedies too
even some dirty thoughts
that my mind could not endure

I sought you in confusion
hoping as stanzas flow
so will the solutions too

I sought you in prayer
on paper, on walls
on my palms too
so that when I lay my hand on my chest
my heart could read them
and beat in rest …

I sought you in others
prodigies and peasants
I sought you in twisted art
and wordy inspirations
I sought you in random eye contacts
in collided chemistry
I sought you in the
deepest conversations
and the most awkward silences

I sought you in boring afternoons
and rowdy dancing
I sought you in my memory
hoping you’d stay
and make it to my paper

I sought you in song
I sought you in blank papers
I sought you in 4 am’s
when my mind is diluted with chemicals
that danced with every idea
every thought
before it flees with dawn

I sought you in daydreams
as they seduced my mind’s eye
with worlds of happy endings
and perfect solutions

I sought you …

Oh I sought
and found you
in every crumpled paper
thrown in anger
every lead pencil
resting next to doodled hearts
every notebook
that rested collecting dust
and dates and memories
I found my muses
nestling, drinking the wines
of my mind, dancing
and singing
rejuvenating me
with one inspiration
after the other

I sought you
and the moment
I do find you
is the moment
stanzas flow
fill lines
crossed mistakes embellish
my papers
periods are but
to new


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