Star Gazers

We  alone
what a paradox
for “we” doesn’t work alone
we is you and me and him and her
but darlings, the meaning
of “we, alone” last night, shone

We were alone
under a ceiling of potential wishes
waiting to shoot
in a split second
but never when beckoned

Ask me I know, because, Oh I beckoned!
I have shelves of jarred wishes waiting to be given
to the stars that shoot across the heavens

I even raised my hands in prayer
hoping I’d catch some stars of my own
and shoot them at will
for my wishes are pretty messy
even the gods ask themselves
“how could they be fulfilled?”

We alone
stood, lay, and leaned there
bare of all inhibitions
surrounded by nature
it felt like some sort of closure

We alone
gazed up above
pointed at constellations
felt small,
in silence
and aw’d in amazement

“There it is”
“Dammit I missed it”
flew randomly
from one to the other
yet I still had hope
the sky will offer another
for my wishes were aching
to free themselves
from jar captivity
to be among the stars
shooting freely
across lovers and friend’s alike
some ethereal feelings
even words fail at conveying

We alone
like the stars above
shone in singularity
and blended together
under the same sky
in circle of clouds
the most
beautiful of

If only you were there
you’d agree
Don’t believe me?
Here look at my hands
I stole a few
to remember a night
so surreal
you’d think it’s out
of the ordinary

“Dedicated to 3 star gazers that showed me the sky yesternight!” 

star gif .gif















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