I Asked

Laying my head
on my hand that rested
on my elbow
I was
facing her


I asked the sun
to stay asleep
for an hour longer
the other night

I asked it to keep the stars
awake for just a little bit more
being selfish, I wanted to devour
every bit of darkness
left before, she’s awake

I asked the moon to glow
on her face, to show me every wrinkle
to show me freckles
to show me scars
in the most magical of ways

I asked the stars to leave
some shine in her hair
because the night needs more stars
and she should be
the brightest of them all

I asked the night sky
to fall on her skin
silhouetting that beautiful
valley between her chest and waist
I asked the sky to
calm all sense of anxiety
warming it with its silence
for when she rests
I rest too

I asked the wind
to caress her being
as she lay there, next to me
serene, breathing
shunning away all the nightmares
that haunt her, behind closed eyes

I spoke to her dreams
I asked them to introduce me to her
once again
I asked them to tell her
to show her, that it’s me
write a memory of me
that she’ll remember in the morning
that she’ll wake up smiling to
I asked her dreams nicely
to put me in her mind

I asked the mystery of the night
to give me the courage
to tell her what goes on
in my mind
with her

I ran my fingers slightly
removing those curls that hide her face
only to see her
in her


guy shield sleeping and dreaming

Art by Guy Shield “Sleeping & Dreaming”


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