Your All

Lay me down
on a bed of memories
and woo me with tender
ones that strum a song
my heart dances to

Lay your warm hands
on my red cheeks
and tame them
from blushing at the mere thought
of remembering

Shadow me
with this new image of you
that covers my skin with darkness
the nice quiet one, instead
of the one that instills fear

Lay your chest on mine
and let our hearts speak in beats
let our eyes overflow
with so much that we wanted to say
but couldn’t

Rest your palms in mine
watch as our fingers blend together
seamlessly, because perfect is overrated
but seamless sounds better.
They blend together like the colors of the sunset
enclose them, feel as they unite
in every sense of the term

Lay your face next to mine
and feel as my tears stroll from eyes
and waterfall down my cheeks
creating a sense of reality
telling me this is real

Remove my hair
Clear my vision of you
blow away those rebel ones
that lay on my eyes
and ripple a wave of goosebumps
that respond to you
and only you

Lay kisses on my shoulders
that carried so much pain
and turn them to flowers
to decorate those boney shelves
that now carry more things
than life itself
let alone

Embrace me
with arms so strong
that create a fortress
shielding me from my own
that tends to crumble and break
most things spontaneous

Tell me stories
of fantastical creatures
and ethereal of love
that I yearn to live
make real again
of romance, poetry and art
as you draw the tales
with the tips of your fingers
on my belly

Soften my sharp edges
with your nose
as your delicately
nuzzle it with mine

Listen to the butterfly chaos
that’s smashing against
the walls of my stomach
as you lay your head there
resting and at peace

Serenade me with breaths
that cool my body
breaths that take me
to my natural state
breaths that awaken me
breaths that
speak to me
in silence
telling me things
that we both
telling me


Art by Quint Buchholz







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