A World of Mine

It feels like spring
in December
when the crisp cold wind
brushes against my cheeks
it feels like a breeze
kissing me

I blush

It feels like summer
on Christmas, when all is white
and I have a flurry of sparks
within my ribcage

I giggle

It feels like Saturday morning
everyday, when the sun makes its way
from my toes to my eyes
softly lulling me into the day

I stretch

It feels Friday
on a Monday,
when my happiness
cannot but lay on my face
serenely, effortlessly
and beautifully

I smile

It feels like sunshine
when it’s 3 am and dark
but my eyes cannot but glow
with excitement, with muchness
with “everything’s”
with “what I am going to do’s”
with “One day’s”

I dream

It feels like confetti
when it’s raining
when my eyes cannot but color
every single drop as it falls on
me, on you, him, her

I dance

It feels like fireworks
in my brain
when I all I can see
are sparks
from your eyes
their way to mine

I blink


Art by Julian Landini



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