I pondered
at the thoughts
that knock on the doors
of my mind
in the middle of the night

Widening my eyes
with realizations
that never saw the
light of day

Body numb
at the intensity
of thinking that meddled
with the darkness
of the unseen

Is it because
all my distractions
are hidden in the dark
and all I can see in my mind’s eye
are the answers to all my problems?

Wait, am I dreaming?
Do I connect with my self
when I am in a state of deep sleep?

Do I always want to sleep
and fall in love with myself then?
Do I always speak my mind
regardless in situations
of darkness, of silence?

What is it about the night
and thought? What stirs them
to awaken
to toy with me
to challenge me
to dissect the philosophy
that is me
in sleep?

Wait, I see the lines of light
make their way through my shutters
why do they leave me
those thoughts of you and me
those thoughts of life and glee
those thoughts of future and fear
and all the solutions that go hand in
hand with them?

My palm is slowly
feeling the fleeting hand
of the night that’s leaving
traces of logic
traces of clear thinking
as the sunshine makes its way
to my eyes

My eyes blink
I am in bed
it’s dawn
mind in mush
thoughts haywire
jumping off the paper
where they were concentrated
and well written
to the space between
me and the sky
to the haze
to the instability
that keeps me afloat
now and then
I am





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