It was never easy
to be with myself
for dangerous thoughts
toy with my naivety
and I succumb to
their mystery

It was never easy
to be alone with me
I have not yet met myself
even though I’ve been stuck
with me, this year I’ll be 30

It was never easy
to know me, I am still
on this journey to seek
what I am to be now, today, tomorrow
sometimes I even ask myself
am I supposed to be constant
throughout my every days?

It was never easy
to be like her, or them
for I am far from it
and honestly, I think the confusion
that’s me, is what I am stuck with
and I can’t but simply be

It was never easy
to poker with the choices
but risks are my drugs
and their highs, is what
my heart lusts

It was never easy to know
what I to am you, for what your eyes see
my mirrors fail to reflect
your true vision of me

It was never easy to find me
I have been lost and found
in depths and surfaces
dancing under the music sounds
of shrugging guilt from my shoulders
with sunsets, hoping for new dawns

It was never easy to know what I want
for my wants, find themselves on scrolls
and scrolls of paper, imprinted
to forever be there and maybe
just maybe come to life
immortalizing you, her, them… it

It was never easy for me
to have a train of thought
for mine, just find beauty
in wrecks and crashes
that happen in split seconds
as the silence of the aftermath
seeps in and slaps me with reality

It was never easy for me
to calibrate a reckless mind
and a spontaneous heart
for they both seek refuge in
unknown consequences
they both fall for unknowns
and adore surprises

It was never easy for me
to voice my emotions
for my eyes are experts at pouring
and filling barrels of what my heart
wants to say and
my tongue fails to

It was never easy
and will never be
I am stuck
in the ever-going

Come take a sip
let’s slip into our
inception mirrrors.gif


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