Love (In + Love)

Some remain
pouring emotions
giving, providing

Some embrace
some comfort
with no conditions

Some stay
regardless, they care
they kiss,
their minds and hearts
join forces to soothe the world
between, within

Some calm
aid, make a presence
some are here
and stay here

Some love

Some eyes glisten
hands sweaty
uncontrolled smile
some don’t know what it is

Some look
it’s not any look
it’s a look that floods
their vision with your view
that center of attention

Some giggle
it’s the butterflies
they flutter in their stomach
their untamed nature
makes its way to their faces
their mouths
their minds

Some fall
into a rabbit hole of their own
through a colored tunnel
that colors their vision
giving them rosey glasses
providing them with a new perspective
a new view, a hue that they and only
they enjoy

Some fall in love!

Fall in love, my darling
with love
and imagine
the kind of world
that surrounds you
that seduces you
to explore
just a bit more

Fall in love with me
and let’s love
the fall
with the love
of being


Fall in Style



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