My My’s

My nights
beyond the hours of dawn
my dreams
stitched themselves
in my reality
creating a quilt
of colored hazed days
of ultimate highs
of a wonderland
down a different rabbit hole

My days passed by so fast
as if the sun ached for sleep
the hours felt like minutes
and the light, well crept away
and dove in the sea
darkening the sky
waking up the stars
and summoning the moon
to mystify all that’s known
and asking the night
to instill this sultry
sense of being

My noon’s lag for hours
when you’re far
defying the laws of physics
and the time of time
setting everything to slow motion mode
like the thin line of honey
flowing from one end
to the bottom

My afternoon’s
go even slower
making me long
for the sight of you
waiting for me
after making it though..
wait… this is better…
after accomplishing
a day without you

My time with you
sets me in a tornado
of elation spreading
my smile from ear to ear
slapping me with euphoria
that my body marvels at
that my body submits to
the feeling of numbness
the good kind
where all my senses dance
praising the moon and stars
praising the dance of destiny
that worked with all the rules of the
to put me here
with you
in the passenger seat
holding your hand

My my, darling
all my “my my’s”
have gone haywire
coloring my skies
with fireworks
“oh my’s”
and glowing it
those moments
of holding



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